The 'Patchwork Text'

‘The Patchwork Text’ research project was an attempt to overcome the various forms of alienation that generally beset students' academic work, by bringing more closely together course design, teaching and assessment. It involved researchers from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge University and Nottingham Trent University and a variety of different disciplines: Business Studies, Education, Sociology, Classical Literature, Nursing and Social Work.

The ideas and outcomes of the project are summarised in an article published in The Guardian, Education Section, Tuesday, June 10th, 2003, p.15. See the attachments at the bottom of this page:click on:
·Guardian Article, 'Surface Learning', The Patchwork Text as a Remedy for the Academic Essay

The main publication reporting the research, is :-
Richard Winter, Jan Parker, and Peter Ovens (Eds.): The Patchwork Text: A Radical Re-assessment of Coursework Assignments, a ‘Special Issue’ of Innovations in Education and Teaching International, Vol. 30, No.2, May 2003. Two of the articles from this publication are available by clicking on the attachments correspondening to the titles listed below:

· ‘Contextualizing the Patchwork Text: Addressing problems of coursework assessment in higher education’
(A discussion of the problems created by current forms of teaching and assessment in higher education [in particular the role of the final ‘essay’] and an explanation of the educational principles underlying the Patchwork Text format.)
· (with Leslie Smith) ‘Applied epistemology for community nurses: Evaluating the impact of the Patchwork Text’
(Describes in detail the planning and processes of the Patchwork Text format in a course on professional knowledge and research for nurses, together with an account of the students’ evaluation of their experience)

See also the introductory chapter of the book Professional Experience & The Investigative Imagination, available as an attachment for downloading in the section on ‘Creative Writing for Professional Development’ and also my 1999 article ‘The Patchwork Text: A Coursework Format for Education as Critical Understanding’ (written with Jane Scoggins).

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