Creative Writing for Professional Development

The idea of this project is that the creative imagination can be used as a source for learning in the context of professional education. In particular it focuses on writing and sharing fictional stories. The book Professional Experience and The Investigative Imagination: The ART of Reflective Writing, Routledge, 1999, contains a full description of the underpinning philosophical and educational ideas and many examples produced by the students who took party in the courses over several years.

Two chapters from the book and the table of contents are available. Click on attachments at the bottom of this page.

· Creative Writing Book: Chapter One: Reflecting on experience and the imaginative construction of meaning – writing and sharing ‘fictions'
(Outlines the main argument, describes the educational process and summarizes some examples of students’ work.)
· Creative Writing Book: Chapter Seven: Artistry, fiction and reflection – the strange absence of the creative imagination in professional education
(Combines educational theory and aesthetic theory to argue in detail that the creative imagination can play a key role in professional reflection and development.)
· Creative Writing Book: Bibliography
(Included so that the references in the book chapters can be followed up)
· Creative Writing Book: Table of Contents
(Gives an idea of the range of work produced by students on the courses.)

Other work describing the development of the project (included in the main list of publications on the Home Page) is listed below:

1986: 'Fictional-critical Writing: an Approach to Case Study Research'
1989: Learning from Experience: Principles and Practice in Action-Research, Chapter 10
1990: 'Writing Fiction as Inquiry into Professional Practice' (with Gillian and Stephen Rowland)
1991: 'Interviewers, Interviewees, and the Exercise of Power (Fictional-Critical Writing as a Method for Educational Research)'
1994: ‘Reflective Writing on Practice: Professional Support for the Dying’ (with Brenda Landgrebe)
2002 ‘Truth or Fiction: Problems of Authenticity in Narratives of Action Research’